This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

PressRoom by Newswire


PressRoom by Newswire helps you build a fully optimized press room on your website. Just as importantly, it will help you publish and distribute your press releases to the world. PressRoom creates “pin style” content blocks that inherit fonts, colors and styles from your website, however, the layout options for your PressRoom content is endless. Total control over these blocks is provided through a simple interface that allows you to choose backgrounds, colors, borders, headers, footers, and much more. Want even more control? The PressRoom settings provides a CSS window where you can easily change every aspect of the page, even so far as changing content blocks from pin style to anything you can think of.
(See screenshot 1)

Widgets, Widgets, Widgets

And best of all, each of the blocks you create becomes a widget that is available for use elsewhere on your website. Think of the endless possibilities!
(See screenshot 2)

How Press Room by Newswire can Help you

Does your website work for the journalists, bloggers and analysts that visit it? All of the time and money you spend to promote your web site, your business, your services or your products to the media is wasted if you do not have an easy to find and easy to use media press room page. A properly formatted press room works for you 24/7 to make it easy for others to write about the things you want to promote.

What can you gain by deploying PressRoom by Newswire?

  • Greater visibility for your site in search engines
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Improved user engagement and site metrics
  • More relevant content on your website
  • Journalists will easily find information needed to write about you and your business
  • Bloggers can find and use the content they need to create blog posts about your company
  • Your content is available in the format writers prefer
  • Potential customers can easily find and share your company news and information

Plugin Features

PressRoom by Newswire comes with 8 custom post type interfaces that help you author perfectly formatted information for your PressRoom. The custom post types do not replace your existing new post or new page interfaces, but rather adds new, yet familiar interfaces, for creating specialized press room content. These new interfaces make it easy for you to create 8 different kinds of content blocks for your PressRoom.
(See screenshot 3)

Plugin Content Creation Interfaces

  • Press Releases
  • Embed Blocks
  • Image Albums
  • Quote Blocks
  • Social Media Blocks
  • Link Blocks
  • Contact Blocks
  • Text Blocks

Of course, you can make as many of each of these blocks as you desire to organize your content in the way that you want your site visitors to find it.

Press Release Interface

PressRoom helps you write the perfect press release, which you can post to your site and syndicate out to other news sites – at no charge – in one step. The press release creation interface will add the following features to your press releases:

Press Release Interface Special Features

  • H tagging and correct formatting of Title and Description
  • Dateline is automatically created, and linked to your original article
  • Authorship linking
  • Schema enriched contact info
  • Language schema
  • Publication options, which allow you to choose to:
    -Publish to your PressRoom , and/or
    -Publish to your blog page, and/or
    -Syndicate press releases to other news websites
    (See screenshot 4, screenshot 5 and screenshot 6)

Image Album Block Interface

PressRoom makes it easy to put downloadable images from your website. The Image Album interface lets you display your images, including images of key personnel, product images, company logos, etc. on your PressRoom in a carousel, while still giving your users the ability to download full-sized images with one click.
(See screenshot 7, screenshot 8, and screenshot 9)

Social Media Block Interface

PressRoom makes it easy for visitors to your website to engage with your social networks. Beyond simple Like, Tweet, or Google+ buttons, this interface allows you to embed your Facebook Plugin, Google Badge, Twitter Timeline, and much more into your press room. These Social Media blocks build credibility by demonstrating the level of your social engagement. These blocks can show additional social content to your visitors, as well as letting them engage with you right on your PressRoom page.
(See screenshot 10, screenshot 11, screenshot 12 and screenshot 13)

Embed Block Interface

PressRoom makes it easy to put all of your embeddable content into your press room. The embed block interface lets you place videos, social media embeds (Google+ badges, Facebook Plugins, Twitter Timelines, etc.) in your press room in a way that these assets are both displayed, and have the embed code downloadable with one click.
(See screenshot 14 and screenshot 15)

Quote Block Interface

PressRoom makes it easy to put quotes from key personnel onto your site in the correct format. Being quoted often and accurately is the objective of any public relation campaign. The Quote Block interface formats quotes from your principals correctly, and lets the quote be downloaded, with attribution link, with one click. Take control of the narrative about your company and its offerings by providing quotable content to the bloggers and journalists that visit your site.
(See screenshot 16, screenshot 17)

Link Block Interface

PressRoom makes organize the links that you want to display in your press room. Use this easy interface to create lists of email addresses within your company, links to product reviews, or any other web address, either inside or outside of your website.
(See screenshot 18 and screenshot 19)

Contact Block Interface

PressRoom makes sharing contact information via your press room easy. Contact blocks now include the option to upload images. The Contact Block interface helps you format your contact information with proper Schema microdata. When this contact info is downloaded, you can be sure that search engines will recognize this data for what it is – Names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. rather than just random strings of data. Contact info can also be downloaded as vCard or simple text by site visitors.
(See screenshot 20 and screenshot 21)

Text Block Interface

PressRoom makes it easy to put anything else you can imagine into your press room by using the Text Block Creator. This creator works in either visual, or html mode, allowing both the casual user and the code expert to put anything that can be conceived into a PressRoom block.
(See screenshot 22 and screenshot23)

Latest PR Block Interface

PressRoom makes it easy to display a list of your most recent press releases for easy reference by your readers. This interface lets you make a PressRoom block, a widget, and short code that can be used to make a page, each with a thumbnail of the main image used in the press release, the title of the press release, and at the user’s election, the date and source of the press release. Press releases created through the plugin, as well as press releases first published on other websites can all be included. User controls let you select the number and order of press releases to be displayed.
(See screenshots 27 and 28)


  • PressRoom(tm) by Newswire.
  • custom widgets.
  • custom post interfaces.
  • press release publication options.
  • press release publication options.
  • press release publication options.
  • image album block.
  • image album block.
  • image album block.
  • social media block.
  • social media block.
  • social media block.
  • social media block.
  • embed block.
  • embed block.
  • quote block.
  • quote block.
  • link block.
  • link block.
  • contact block.
  • contact block.
  • text block.
  • text block.
  • installation method 1.
  • installation method 2.
  • installation method 3.


Method 1 – Install directly from (recommended)

The easiest way to install the plugin is to:
1. Login to your WordPress installation
2. Go to the Plugins page and click “Add New”
3. Perform a search for “PressRoom”
4. Locate the PressRoom plugin by Newswire
5. Click the “Install Now” button and click “Ok” to confirm
6. Click “Activate Plugin” or activate the plugin from the Plugins page
(See screenshot 24)

Method 2 – Upload Method from WordPress Admin Panel

  1. Download PressRoom by Newswire (which will be a zip file) from to a known location on your computer, such as your desktop. Do not unzip the file.
  2. Go to your WordPress admin panel. Click on Plugin » Add New. Then click on the Upload Tab.
    (See screenshot 25)
  3. Browse the file and upload it (the entire zip file). You will be taken to the “activate a plugin” page.
    (See screenshot 26)

Method 3 – Upload via FTP

  1. Download PressRoom by Newswire from (which will be a zip file). Unzip the file into a folder in a known location on your computer, such as your desktop
  2. Upload PressRoom .php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    (See screenshot 26)


If your question is not answered below, please fill out request here:

What PHP versions are supported?

PressRoom by Newswire requires PHP version 5.4 or later. If your site is running an earlier version of PHP, you will likely get a fatal error upon attempting installation.

Do I have to enter API Key

No, the PressRoom page will be fully functional without including API Key. However, you will not be able to submit your press releases to other sites through PressRoom by Newswire without entering your API Key.

Is there a cost for obtaining an API Key?


Upgrade to Pro version?

The pro version of the plugin is named NewswireXpress. This plugin can be downloaded from . There is no cost to upgrade, but additional publishing options will be available at varying costs through the pro version, including publication through Google News.

Where are my press releases published?

Press releases published through the PressRoom plugin can be published to any combination of;
a. New page on your website
b. The blog page on your site
c. Other news sites that elect to receive and publish content through the plugin.
d. Google News and other publication options are available at additional cost through the pro version. Upgrade here:


October 16, 2017
Maybe it’s being fixed, but it doesn’t work. I added a press release, saw it in preview, received an error “cannot edit header” then press release disappeared. Never received my confirmation after signing up in an attempt to get my API key. WASTE OF TIME.
October 23, 2016
Initially an interesting plugin. To get the plugin to work you need an API-Code which you can get when signing up for newswire. That I did, but despite this, I never am able to access the website and thus cannot get the API.
September 3, 2016
I thought this was just adding a properly formatted Media Room to my site, but it turns out it also submits Press Releases to media outlets. My story just got syndicated to two news sites (found it by accident when I searched for my story on Google). Awesome! EDIT: I should probably add that I upgraded to their free pro version, so that may be why I was getting picked up
September 3, 2016 1 reply
Yeah, it’s our work, but I am proud of it. Contact us with suggestions for improvements.
February 8, 2017
This is the coolest syndication tool I have ever seen. Newswire has figured out a way to broadcast content through Newswire directly from your blog. 1 Click from your blog and that’s it. The applications of this are only limited by the imagination. I am presently using this as a way to convert my Amazon Book into a blog, broadcasting from my blog through Newswire’s distribution, various chapters and articles about the book. My traffic, engagement and email capture from this is through the roof, and now I see this becoming its own niche business. If you have content and are looking have a contextual conversation, this is the hottest tool on the market today. Also love the free training Newswire provides with this and the support community of over 1,000 users who share best practices and new ideas. This is the most authentic and helpful community in the space. Happy I found and this amazing new tool. You guys rock!!! Oh here is the Newswire support community.
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Contributors & Developers

“PressRoom by Newswire” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Version 1.0 is the initial release of the “PressRoom by Newswire” plugin.
    = 1.1 Released Sept 18, 2015=
  • Version 1.1 adds functionality to the “Contact Block” creation interface. This block now allows for the addition of an image, as well as supporting download of contact information in various formats, including vCard.
    = 1.2 Released December 7, 2015=
  • Version 1.2 adds a 9th content block, “Latest PR Block” with an associated shortcode that can create a “Latest PR Page”. This new block and page will show a thumbnail of the title and main image of a press release, along with the option to show the date and source of publication. This Latest PR Block is also available as a widget that can be used elsewhere on the site.
    +In addition Version 1.2 fixes problem with PressRoom showing duplicate content.